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Smoult’s Deli Turns 1!

Ladies, gents, ungendered or undecided, what is UP? Normally you would be devouring TBC’s tender words, however, today, today you are getting a dose of the one, the only TBP.


I live in Maylands, and while we’re so close to Beaufort st, (where there are plenty of cafés with great reputations) you want to have pride in those foods a little closer to home. Possibly my favourite Maylands shop is Smoult’s Continental Deli. Filled to the brim with amazing delicious things, 5 minutes from my door stop, open late most days, it’s literally my food solution for everything.


I’m not even kidding, I get home, feel totally uninspired by the food in my fridge, drop down to Smoult’s and grab some of their free range salami, a bag of BD milk (Bannister Downs) or our favourite cheese. That salami, geeze, it goes great with anything, on anything. I have a love affair with this salami. It used to be available through Swansea and now Smoult’s is my only place I can find a hit.


So when I stopped by, saw they were turning 1, and then got the most amazing hot dog I’ve ever eaten in my life (just quietly it’s better than Elmar’s on Beaufort st for sausages in buns) I just FLIPPED. I don’t have any clever words to tell you how good it is, but it was right up my alley. Good quality food, cheap and simple. (I think it was $6, or $6.5 for a hot dog, but they only did this for their birthday, and I have no idea if they’ll do it again.)

21 30

I had a duck and lamb sausage and my partner had beef and whoah, to die for.


22 31

So it was so delicious that we went back their recently to buy the sausages and snaffled 3 each. Mpfff. (For 3 beef and 3 duck and lamb it was ~$12).

So check her out if you have a chance, it is a little more expensive than say Swansea St deli, but their customer services is so lovely, and their range so varied that it’s worth every cent.

(Also everything is pretty in that shop, all the better to photograph everything.)

❤ The Brazen Photographer.


One thought on “Smoult’s Deli Turns 1!

  1. still get hotdogs every sat and sun. 11-2pm i’m 90% sure on the times. extra jalapenos and chili sauce please 🙂

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