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Salted Caramel and Ricotta Bagels


I have had a not so secret love affair with bread-y products. When I was little all our school lunches were made with still frozen plain white sliced bread.

I never knew what bread was.

Now I love all bread products, and bagels are one of them. So when I couldn’t source powdered eggs whites for macarons I had to come up with some other delicious offering.


I stole this recipe straight from the Gourmet Traveller, and they’re absolutely easy and will charm your tastebuds.

Things to remember: if you leave this dough in the air it will gain a crusty layer. So when you put plastic wrap on the rising dough, make sure to keep it right on top of the dough and check on it as it expands.

I rolled my bagels and left them for an hour (while I was waiting for friend to arrive) and they all expanded too much and I had to deflate them and re-roll them, so only roll out the bagels as soon as you boil them.



I would eat these bagels without the whipped salted caramel as a more healthy snack, it also helps you appreciate the slightly sweet and crunchy crust the bagels have. The sweetness comes from the honey that you boil them in!


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