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Sayers Sister

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When looking for a place where we could eat brunch (hahaha I hate breakfast it’s the most depressing meal please don’t do this to me) on a recent weekend, I suggested Sayers Sister. I had fond memories of a breakfast there back in the heady, reckless days before my stomach rebelled. That breakfast was made up of gorgeous, lovingly assembled bundles of asparagus tied together with crispy pancetta and the presentation just blew me away. Even though their menu didn’t have allergy information we decided to throw caution to the wind and check them out again.

Sayers Sister - 003 Sayers Sister - 007

Sayers Sister is light and airy, but heavy on the femme curlicues. We perched on a wood bench outside.

Asking wait staff for allergy information makes me wish the floor would open up and swallow me and this time the world did not disappoint. After much (well-meaning!) to-ing and fro-ing we resolved that there were not one but two things I could eat! A veritable bounty. Thank god for crazy fashion dieters.

Sayers Sister - 009 Sayers Sister - 004

I had an iced tea in lieu of a real drink – I need to start checking for a wine list before I go out – and grilled ‘Moroccan’ lamb with a ‘cauliflower couscous’ salad studded with nuts and dried apricots, both of which were perfectly lovely.

TBP had a pickled beetroot salad with candied walnuts and goats cheese which was really quite sweet. While the title foreshadows sweetness, there is an expectation that, like most good pickles, the sweetness will be cut through with the tartness of vinegar or the spice of pepper. However with this salad it was mostly all sweet. And while all of it’s parts were delicious, the whole meal ended up being overly sweet for what TBP had been looking for. However, the beetroot chips were to die for, and with more free time in the kitchen, we would definitely attempt them.

Sayers Sister - 005 Sayers Sister - 008

Even though by this point it was thoroughly past my caffeine curfew we grabbed a coffee on our way out. The wait was interminable but we ogled the beautiful cakes and the coffee’s flavour was worth it – I am far from an aficionado but it was delicious. If for no other reason (and there are plenty), I would recommend a visit to Sayers Sister to try those gorgeous cakes.

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