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Addison & Steele

This weekend past I was on a panel, I had rushed out of my house, having not eaten anything except maybe a Greek easter biscuit. Afterwards I decided to ride from the city to Addison and Steele, which was a café that I had seen DineWhitMe had been too. The charming orange on black on white, and their beautiful coffee in beakers won me over, so I had to see what it was like.

1052 1053

The decor is wonderfully masculine, with splashes of bright colour. I love it. I especially love the light globes which I have been craving since I saw them on a design blog a year ago.


Of course, because it was Easter, the Holy Bagel was on holidays so there were no bagels! Instead we had the Mexican bruschetta on sour dough. (It was nice, but I had really set my heart on a bagel).

1055 1057

We ordered the coffee tasting plate for two. i.e. 3 coffees for each of us. I asked the barista to bring us ‘what he suggested’ which in this case was one of the tasting plates being a variety of different coffee beans and the other all the same bean prepared differently.

1061 1063

The tasting plate comes with espresso (perfect, not drawn too long or too short, just right), cold drip and pour over. Unfortunately I’ve completely lost my notes on what roasts we had. But I can tell you, the roast that is their current cold drip (it starts with A, probably) is an amazing espresso, it’s solid as a cold drip with a very clean feel, and not very exciting as a pour over. Though I am biased with pour over, since I’m not a huge fan of the method.


The barista were quite amazing, came over to talk to us about the roasts and the different flavours. Totally showing up how very little I know about the flavours of coffee (I said chocolate, he said blackcurrant.) Honestly, would love to go again when they have bagels in stock. And the service was excellent. A seriously great espresso, would go back just for that.

– The Brazen Photographer


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