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Grill’d With Whit

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I have a Grill’d quite close to where I live, but these days I rarely think to go out for them. Like cookies to Cookie Monster, burgers are a some-times food. Burgin’ is no longer common to me, so when Whit of DineWhitMe fame, asked me to go out to eat burgers I was almost surprised.

Full disclosure: Grill’d offered Whit this meal on the house for her review and opinion, and to advertise their new Cottesloe location. I try to be unbiased when I write but please take that into account when reading.

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I’ve actually always really liked the decor of Grill’d, most burger bars have this really hipster feel that I like. Exposed brick, beautiful drop lights, sweet neon signs, I’m a sucker for this atmosphere. We got a wine, because why the hell not. It’s not something I would have thought to do, but after airing this Shiraz was really nice. Look, I enjoyed it, but for the price I would defiantly stick with beer/cider and a burger. There’s something about a burger that calls our for a cold bottled bevy.


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 I’ve had the pomegranate salad at Grill’d before and found it overwhelmingly cheesy, needing more leaves to balance out everything, so I was nicely surprised by the mushroom salad. Ah! This mushroom salad! It was really great, sooooo great. Look it’s just mushroom with a balsamic based salad dressing, but it was really fresh and delicious. It’s almost as good as a burger, but not quite. The chips are solid, with their mixed herb salt and aoli, they’re nice one the side.


The lamb burg is great, but Whit’s spicy burger, not so much. I’ve never enjoyed the texture of roasted capsicum in a burger before and so it just wasn’t a winner. The lamb burger, with it’s hummus it’s excellent though.

Grill’d, I have to say I don’t really understand why their burgers are meant to be more healthy than other burger bars. Though, certainly more healthy than a Maccas meal. But as a burger bar it does what it says, has a fancy burger with a large menu that’s sure to please.

– The Brazen Photographer.


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