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Relative newcomer Sprolo is a Pinterest-worthy oasis of mint, light and Scandinavian minimalism in an otherwise desolate strip of Canning Highway.

They make great use of their generous space – when pumping busy it doesn’t feel cramped, and when quiet it doesn’t feel echoey. I particularly love that they have a play area for kids! It’s a comfortable, inclusive space. The staff were knowledgable, kindly tolerated our fairly robustly-volumed conversations about feminism, and were particularly lovely at not making us feel uncomfortable as closing time crept closer.

IMG_0389 IMG_0399

I was planning on getting my normal traditional long mac when, at the till, Sprolo had a sign for cold drip with carbonated water.

Instantly I imagined getting my cold drip alongside a small glass of bubbly water, but no! The cold drip is poured into the water, which is great since the whole reason for bubbled water is to open up the flavour of the coffee, and it did just that.
The cold drip was sweet and fresh, and was much lighter than I’m used to because of the bubbled water. I really enjoyed and would go back for that alone. I think they chose the roast well, which is unsurprising since they roast their own coffee under the name Blacklisted Roasting. – TBP

(I’m a total rube when it comes to coffee and I described the cold drip as “like a soft drink, except it’s made of San Pellegrino and coffee, and not sweet”. So what I’m saying is I found it novel and delicious and also I need to take some coffee classes.)

IMG_0373 IMG_0367

It’s completely my own fault, but I took a sip of my coffee before I started eating and so all I can really say about the espresso caramel is that it was caramel and it tasted a bit like coffee. But how much of that was the cold drip I can’t really say. The banana bread was solid and tasty, and while I wouldn’t go back for the banana bread I would definitely go back for the coffee. – TBP

Sprolo’s tight little menu is really clearly annotated for allergies, which is fantastic. Unfortunately since we arrived late in the afternoon we could only order off a section of the menu and that section sadly didn’t have anything I could eat. Which is, obviously, a criticism of my stomach and not the menu. However, I came back the next morning with my sister and we had the coconut chia pudding with raspberries and lychee along with the lunch special of gluten free prawn and pork salad. They were both totally delicious if chalk and cheese in terms of flavour, which made sharing difficult! My only criticism of the menu is that while many of the spreads and toppings for their dishes are noted as gluten free, dairy free etc, they don’t seem to have any gluten free bread on the menu at all, which kind of renders them moot. While I would totally eat their amazing-sounding everything-free beetroot hummus with a spoon, I would definitely prefer to try it on a gluten free bagel (those exist by the way, how exciting is that!) or try their pulled beef, 3-cheese and chimichurri toastie with some gluten free bread. Hopefully soon!


One thing Sprolo doesn’t have going for it is location. Directors Gabriel Tan and Darren Woon have said they’d like Sprolo to become a coffee destination in itself and by the look of how busy it was on my Saturday morning follow-up they must be succeeding because there is literally nothing else to do in that block of Canning Highway except go to Red Rooster. I can’t imagine casually dropping in to Sprolo on the way to or from somewhere – it’s not within walking distance of anything I’m likely to be visiting. But I would certainly recommend you make the trip and I’m very happy to add it to the (quite short) list of great places I can call local.


Sprolo on Urbanspoon

(Disclaimer: TBP didn’t have time to grab her camera so these shots are by TBC and therefore of varying quality)


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